About us

Our team started working in 2009. It was then that we registered a Law Firm in Kyiv and an NGO in Luhansk. From the very beginning, we learned how to interact effectively and achieve results efficiently, despite the distance. The first few years of our work focused mainly on corporate relations and intellectual property.

In 2014, the entire team moved to Kyiv. The expansion of our litigation practice led to the need to establish a Lawyer Association. In response to the challenges of the times, a Charitable Foundation was established in 2022.

In 2021-2022, as a result of rebranding and optimising internal processes and market positioning, we decided to use a single brand for all our business activities in the future.

ASTEELEX is a team united by a common dream, a common vision of the country's future and our role in its development. It is only by combining legal, advocacy, public and charitable activities at the same time that we are able to create a synergy and achieve results that we can be proud of, not only as a professional achievement, but also as a real benefit to society as a whole.

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